What we do?


We understand the importance of our relationship and always feel guided by our founding principles of “Trust, Transparency, and Integrity”. Keeping it as a base of our relationship, we facilitate you by doing following things for you:

  Wealth Building:

With the growth & success in your professional career, you may have to look at creating and building wealth for your aspirations and goals. It could be your own lifestyle enhancement planning, planning for your children’s (education, marriage), planning for your retirement or may be for other goals.

We at UNNATI aspire to put you on the right path with our wealth planning process. Depending upon your investment horizon, risk bearing capacity, preferences and goals, we align investment strategies and asset allocation to achieve your objectives.

  Wealth Management:

Growing product options, changing market dynamics, and growth in your wealth creates too much of complexities & confusions. Your needs become more varied and that’s where your financial planner need to be completely aligned with the changing dynamics and your requirement.

We at UNNATI will help in managing your wealth. You may not possess expertise in certain areas of handling finances. A planner can help you evaluate the level of risk in your portfolio or adjust your plan due to changing circumstances.

  Wealth Preservation:

This is a very important part of the whole financial planning process. Preservation of wealth is of equal importance. Because of growing volatility across investment asset class you need to give wealth preservation its due importance. This can be achieved by striking a right balance of risk and return.

  Wealth Transitioning:

Transition of wealth begins with providing for your golden years of life. This is then followed by passing it on to your loved ones.