Financial planning process of an Individual at UNNATI

  Step 1: Introductory meeting:

The introductory meeting will be done for better understanding and knowing each other (The Financial Planner as well as the client). This will facilitate in understandings the importance and various aspects of financial planning. We will try and understand your objectives and goals. This will help in building the mutual understanding of how we can be of assistance.

  Step 2: Knowing You better:

The next move will be to understand your present financial situation in greater details. We will also discuss about your future plans, objectives & goals for which you want to invest and build financial assets. Filling up the Information data sheet will help us in making a personalised financial plan for you.

  Step 3: YourFinancial Plan:

On the basis of the Information Data Sheet and the supporting documents we will analyse your current financial situation. We will help you in finalizing your financial goals. We will also make Cash flow statement and Net worth statement which will help you in building up more clarity about your current financials.

This step will go further in the details and make the recommendations on:

  • Contingency Fund
  • Risk Management & Insurance Planning
  • Debt Management
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Efficiency Review
  • Other recommendations (If any)

  Step 4: Implementation of your Financial Plan:

Next step will of implementing the financial plan. In this process we facilitate in executing the transactions for our clients. This is done only after the final consensus has been build and agreed upon.

  Step 5: Periodic Review:

In these meetings we review the changes that have occurred in your life, changes could be in lifestyle, health and career prospects, changes in family such as marriage, birth or death, financial goals or aspirations.During these meetings we also review your financial health across income, expenses, assets (investments) and liabilities (borrowings).Besides quarterly review meetings, we can meet/ communicate as and when there are queries or suggestions with respect to the financial plan.